Natural Language Processing

TreeCrunch takes unstructured, loosely connected data and visualizes it - in near real-time. Example data include Twitter keyword search results, Twitter profiles, Facebook wall comments or any open ended data set captured from surveys. TreeCrunch has connectors which retrieve data from Twitter and Facebook, has a means for customers to upload custom verbatim data sets, and also hosts its own survey platform for companies that use TreeCrunch for end-to-end market research. TreeCrunch has received investment from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the UK and the US, has received a grant from Cyberport's Creative Microfund and has been a Cyberport Incubatee.

Circles Visualization

Barak Obama's Tweets
October 2012

Mr. Obama has tweeted about his policy in 2012. TreeCrunch analyzed his tweets using our proprietary natural language processing algorithms and visualized the results in this beautiful circles visualization.

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